High Desert Carpet Cleaning

Tile, Grout, and Upholstery Cleaning in High Desert

Since we got our start in 2010, A Step Above has passionately served our valued High Valley customers. Our licensed, insured, bonded, locally-owned, and locally-operated business has spent each day earning the stellar reputation we always dreamed of creating. To us, the most crucial aspect of doing business is making sure that our clients are happy – that’s why we always stand by our work with a 100% customer service guarantee. We are certain that the attentive and competent professionals working on your project will leave you impressed and satisfied. We will diligently work to give you the best service each and every time, whether you’re a realtor, investor, landlord, property manager, homeowner, or company owner that needs tile, grout, carpet, or upholstery cleaning.

It can be tough to find dependable and trustworthy people to do business with. At our humble local business, we appreciate your patronage and ongoing support, and we only employ people of the highest caliber. With our in-depth expertise, first-rate customer service, and premium, non-toxic cleaning products, we’ll leave your house immaculate and refreshed. We take great pride in our work from start to finish, and we stand by the outcomes. We constantly seize the opportunity to exceed our customers’ expectations. There are also additional discounts available for seniors and veterans. Our skilled, competent, and dependable personnel provide efficient, reasonably priced services with a smile. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be pleased to make you one of our satisfied, loyal clients!


Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve ever attempted deep floor cleaning yourself, you know firsthand that cleaning carpets is no easy task. The more carpet your home or business has, the taller the order. Not to worry – our floor cleaning professionals are up to any challenge. No matter how much you research safe, non-toxic floor cleaners and the best floor cleaning equipment available for home use, the fact remains that store-bought cleaners often leave behind dirt-attracting, unpleasant residue. This residue is notorious for causing stains to reappear even quicker than they did the first time. Not only do most cleaners work poorly, but trying multiple products in an attempt to find the right one can be an expensive endeavor. There’s no need to subject yourself to tireless research and manual labor – just leave it to us!

We have spent a great deal of time perfecting our process and selecting our excellent cleaning supplies and equipment with great thought, care, and consideration. Not only do our products function brilliantly, but they are also healthy and safe for you and your family. Allow us to tackle any carpet stains you’ve been struggling to remove. One of the highlights of our profession is getting rid of those stains that would otherwise be permanent and delighting our clients by revealing pristine floors. Professional cleaning is often the only option to get rid of unappealing, difficult stains since each kind of stain calls for a distinct method of removal and a special cleaning product. Contact us today if you’ve been looking for the top local commercial or residential carpet cleaning service!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Albeit cozy, carpet is notorious for retaining unwanted substances and debris, like odors, allergens, dirt, and more. If spills aren’t removed quickly, the stain can become permanent – and that’s a frustrating situation when you’re dealing with carpet you carefully budgeted for. Our professional carpet cleaners know just how to get your carpet smelling great and looking beautiful again, and they always use biodegradable, kid-safe products to get the job done. Some carpet cleaning companies might not care so much about the details, opting to use toxic chemicals to save themselves money. Your dependable High Desert carpet cleaning service, A Step Above, makes safety a priority. We can’t think of any task more important than keeping you, your family, and your pets as safe as possible, and we take our jobs seriously.

As a pet parent, you know all about the stains, odors, and upkeep associated with having a dog or cat in the house. It’s probably no surprise when you come upon dirty carpets. Whether it’s urine, feces, dirt, or another stain altogether, let our High Desert steam cleaning services step in to help. Not only does our carpet cleaning company know all the best techniques to get your carpet looking brand new, but we also do it with safety at the top of our minds. Our all-inclusive carpet cleaning services are sure to leave you impressed.

Life is messy, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Routine carpet steam cleaning isn’t just convenient, but it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy and clean home. The daily hustle and bustle of life involves foot traffic, wear and tear, spills, and stains. Whether you love to entertain or you spend most of your time with your own pets and family, you’ll want to find a local carpet cleaning service near you to help you keep your carpet as clean as possible. A Step Above is here to help, whether you have a difficult stain to contend with, you’re hoping to begin a routine maintenance plan, or you have another concern altogether. We understand that your schedule demands flexibility, so we’re happy to accommodate. Keep your home clean and healthy from the carpet up!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Putting your best foot forward begins with maintaining a clean and professional atmosphere in your place of business. Particularly if you have customers to impress, your reputation could be quickly impacted by the negative first impression made by a dirty floor. In this day and age, it’s even more important to focus on hygiene and cleanliness. Employee productivity is enhanced when their work environment is well-maintained and clean, and clean carpet can also go a long way toward keeping employees happy, healthy, and motivated. We offer the most thorough and professional commercial carpet cleaning High Desert has to offer, allowing you to focus on operating your business and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

As time goes on and innovative new carpet cleaning products enter the market, we’re always on the cusp. Using the best equipment and supplies money can buy, we take great care to do the most thorough work with the safest and most effective products. The floors at your business are likely subjected to plenty of daily messes and foot traffic, which can quickly lead to staining. Household floors and commercial flooring endure different types and levels of everyday wear, which means they each deserve their own unique approach to cleaning. When you call A Step Above, you can be sure that your floor will be left impressively clean – no spills, drops, dirt, bacteria, filth, debris, or dirt can stand in our way. Your pristine floors will make an excellent impression on prospective clients, existing customers, employees, and everyone else who enters your door.

Because we own a local business ourselves, we know just how important your success truly is. For that reason, we take our jobs incredibly seriously, striving to ensure that your carpet reflects your own professionalism and attention to detail. Your customers and employees will be able to see just how focused you are on the small things when you hire our steam cleaning service in High Desert. With our top-of-the-line cleaning products and expert techniques, your floors will be immaculate in no time. We’re also happy to work around your busy schedule to avoid any disruptions to your daily operations. Since we only use safe, non-toxic products, you’ll be able to get right back to work when we’ve finished cleaning your carpet. At A Step Above, our High Desert carpet cleaners take great pride in helping a fellow local business grow and succeed.

Tile Cleaning

When you choose to install tile flooring in your home, you’re making an investment that you hope will last many years. The more tile you have in your home, the harder it can be to keep it all clean and well-maintained. Dirty tiles can become harder to clean over time, leaving your business or home feeling less than sanitary. When you schedule routine professional tile cleaning services, you can protect your investment and ensure that your tile lasts as long as possible. Our High Desert steam cleaning pros know just how to tackle cleaning tiles of all kinds. If you’re hoping to find a dependable and affordable local tile cleaning service near you, look no further than A Step Above. Our High Desert tile cleaning service specializes in transforming dingy, dirty tiles in rental properties, apartments, homes, and businesses into clean and lovely flooring.

Unless you’ve recently shopped for tile, you might be surprised by the vast range of tile materials on the market. Certain tiles can be incredibly delicate, and many are incredibly difficult to clean. Our experienced and reliable High Desert tile cleaners are well-versed in all the latest techniques, so they know just how to get your tile cleaned effectively and safely. Certain tiles are acid-sensitive, such as those made of travertine, marble, terrazzo, or limestone. On such materials, you wouldn’t want to use the same product you’d use on a ceramic tile, for example, because damage would be likely to occur. Don’t opt for a tile cleaning company that takes a cookie cutter approach to each floor cleaning task – hire a knowledgeable team that understands that every floor should be treated in its own unique way. Irreparable damage caused by the incorrect floor cleaners can leave you in an expensive and aggravating situation. Our steam cleaning service in High Desert takes an individualized approach to every job we do to ensure the best outcomes and the cleanest tile.

In a lot of cases, you might come across tile cleaning companies that care more about the price of their cleaning products than their safety or efficacy. Cheap floor cleaners are often toxic and filled with chemicals you’d never want in your home. Economical cleaners are also notorious for leaving behind a film that actually attracts dirt and debris over time, causing your tile to become dirty and stained again. If you’re searching for the right High Desert tile cleaning company to take care of your dirty floors once and for all, you’ve found just what you need at A Step Above. We’ll never cut corners to save a buck. Instead, we use products that we’ve personally researched, tested, and approved. We use the same non-toxic and safe tile cleaners in your home as we do in our own. As soon as we’ve completed your tile cleaning service, you can immediately get back to your busy life. We would never put your health in jeopardy with a subpar, unsafe cleaning product.

Certain homes have tile installed in other places, too. You might have tile on your bathroom wall, backsplash, shower wall, countertop, or somewhere else altogether. From the floor to the ceiling, tile steam cleaning is a smart way to keep every tile in your home fresh and clean. At A Step Above, we promise to give you the best tile cleaning High Desert has to offer. Every tile in your home will be sparkling and free of stains. If you’re noticing that your tile is looking dirty or dingy, give us a call today!

Grout Cleaning

Do you know what color your grout actually is? Not the color it’s become, but the color it started out? You might not realize that as time goes on, your grout is likely becoming more and more stained and discolored. Grout easily attracts everything, including dirt, grease, grime, and more. This means that anything that touches your backsplash, floor, or wall will probably wind up in your grout. Dirty grout makes floors feel dingy and unclean, and it’s nearly impossible to find a cleaner that works on set-in stains. Some grout cleaners may leave the surface of your grout looking clean by removing surface stains, but deeper stains reappear just when you think you’re in the clear. We’ve heard it all – tales about toxic chemicals, DIY concoctions, and good old-fashioned elbow grease proving to be no match for set-in grout staining. Our professional grout cleaning services can save you all the hassle and frustration involved with attempting to clean grout yourself. We use our special grout steam cleaning techniques to restore your grout’s cleanliness and color, leaving your entire floor looking far more beautiful. It’s an honor to be your favorite High Desert grout cleaning service.

As far as cleaning difficulty goes, the porous nature of grout puts it in a class of its own. Because of this one-of-a-kind composition, your grout quickly absorbs liquids and substances that are spilled on your floors. Because simple floor cleaners are made with tile in mind, they aren’t effective at cleaning grout. Floor cleaning is an important step in household cleanliness, but it isn’t enough to clean your grout. Therefore, it’s important to have a cleaning and stain-removal routine for your grout itself. That’s a tall order with your busy schedule, and we understand the sentiment! That’s why our High Desert grout cleaning company takes special care to get the job done for you. Other grout cleaning companies might ignore the fact that grout is as unique as tile, and they might use the same approach across the board. We use individualized techniques to get the job done right. We stand behind our effective and innovative equipment and our professional, safe products because we’ve seen time and time again just how amazing the results truly are.

When you decide to pursue grout steam cleaning service in High Desert, you deserve to work with the most professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable grout cleaning company in the area – A Step Above! Our local grout cleaning service near you is owned and operated by your own High Desert neighbors, and we always use the most innovative grout cleaning service techniques. With all our time-honored procedures, your High Desert grout cleaners will give you the best grout cleaning High Desert has to offer. If you’ve ever attempted to do it yourself, you already know from experience that cleaning grout can be tough. Our High Desert grout steam cleaning professionals rely on their expertise and knowledge to give you a memorable and delightful experience every time. You won’t believe how clean your entire home will feel when your grout is as fresh as can be!

Upholstery Cleaning

When you notice dirty upholstery in your home, your mind might automatically jump to the idea of replacing your favorite decor or furniture. If your cozy recliner has seen better days or your upholstered headboard is looking dingy, give your go-to High Desert upholstery cleaners a call! Your trusted local upholstery cleaning service near you, A Step Above, loves to refresh and revive your upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, curtains, and beyond. Cleaning upholstery yourself can leave you feeling discouraged, because most of the cleaners you’ll find in stores will not do the job thoroughly. Reach out today and let us restore the beauty of your once-loved pieces!

If you’ve ever had other upholstery cleaning companies in your home, you probably remember what kind of upholstery cleaners those companies typically use. In our industry, competitors often attempt to defray costs and increase profits by using floor cleaning chemicals or affordable upholstery cleaners. Although this might be an effective approach to saving a business money, it isn’t ideal due to the fact that cheap floor cleaners and upholstery steam cleaning differ greatly and should be approached differently. When you’re trying to find the best upholstery cleaning service in the area, it’s smart to ask about the products that will be used in your home. Our High Desert upholstery cleaning company only uses high-quality, proven-effective products that we know to be safe around you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Your family undoubtedly congregates on your upholstered furniture. Seeing your kids’ messy fingers or your party guest’s glass of wine doesn’t have to be stressful – just make sure you schedule regular upholstery cleaning services to maintain your pieces. With the right plan in place, your furniture can last longer than you ever thought possible. Any of our High Desert upholstery steam cleaning experts will happily assist you with creating a cleaning regimen that suits your needs and lifestyle. White sofas, fine pillows, the expensive furniture in your fanciest room – we can clean it all.

Unexpected expenses are always jarring, and replacing your furniture and decor is a frustrating experience. When you call our trusted upholstery steam cleaning service in High Desert, you may be surprised at just how many of your upholstered pieces we can revive. Not only does our High Desert upholstery cleaning service save you money by extending the life of your pieces, but they also provide impressive and dramatic results. At our professional, well-versed upholstery cleaning company, we know how to treat each and every fabric type for optimal results. We know every kind of fabric requires its own specific products and cleaning methods, so we would never clean your leather sofa with the same products we’d use on a velvet ottoman. With the most complete, thorough upholstery cleaning High Desert has to offer, we’ll give you the best service and work around your busy schedule. Contact us today and let us address your upholstery cleaning needs.

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