Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are some of the home's most essential and most used pieces of furniture. After all, we spend about a third of our lives lying on top of them! They also represent a significant financial investment that needs to be made to have a long life cycle. Replacing your mattress is expensive and requires careful thought. Instead of buying a replacement, you may simply need to get your mattress professionally cleaned.

At A Step Above Carpet Cleaning, our mattress cleaning services are top-notch and ready for whatever stains that we may face. We’ll dig the stains out the deepest layers of your mattress’s material, ensuring that your night’s rest is on top of a clean, fresh-smelling bed. We guarantee high end, professional cleaning service on a budget that you can afford, using only the best cleaning materials around, leaving your mattress looking, smelling, and feeling brand new.

It’s crucial for us to use only the best quality cleaning materials possible in ALL of our cleaning service. This value especially applies to your mattresses. While other mattress cleaning companies may cut corners and use cheaper cleaning chemicals that may be toxic, we refuse. All of our cleaning products are well-researched and approved so that you, your family, and pets are never exposed to harmful chemicals.

As we stated previously, your mattress gets a lot of use. It is subject to many different bodily fluids and spills. Sweat, hair, dirt, pollen, and more can all build-up over time, creating discoloration, stains, and blemishes. Mattresses are also subject to children's accidents and pet urine. While it can be tempting to cover it up with a sheet and call it a night, mattresses require a thorough cleaning for your skin’s safety and overall health. As a professional mattress cleaning company, we’ve seen and fought all types of stains and build-ups, and we always win. Don’t let your mattress become a pit of germs, dirt, and fluids. Let us handle the dirty work so that you can get back to having a fresh and clean night’s rest.

Give us a call today, and we’ll schedule a cleaning service that works well within your timeframe and budget. Our professional cleaning staff is always on-time, respectful, and friendly. We’re constantly ready to prove to our customers why we are indeed a step above the competition.